Eristoff Corporate Website

Eristoff Vodka is one of the most popular and profitable brands under the Bacardi banner. However, Eristoff did not have a dedicated digital presence in India.  Thus, we were tasked with creating a singular and integrated online destination for Eristoff Vodka.

One of the major challenges for the website was communicating the brand’s message of the “wolf-pack. “ It had to be executed in a way that brings out the edgy personality of the brand.

We also had to introduce and promote their television series titled “Bring on the Night” for which they had tied up with MTV. We had to build traction for the show online and introduce the cast and premise of the show in an interesting and off-beat manner.

We chose to create the website around the “evolution of the night.”


We used a host of innovative ideas to distinguish the website from the rest of its ilk and meet the challenges posed to us by the brand.

The website goes on to trace the evolution of the night. The backdrop of every page changes to different points in the night of the party-goer; from subways to highways, from parking areas to hip joints.

The site features a tile based interface which allows for efficient prioritization of information. Any event or site section can be highlighted or pushed to the background as required.

The website is accessed through an innovative time lapse video mechanism. The user has to drag the hands of a virtual clock to 7 and “bring on the night”, quite literally, through a time lapse video.

The time-lapse video showcases the iconic vistas of our major cities in a transition between the humdrum of the day to the edgy excitement of the night.  This feature of the website is geo-tagged. For example, a user in Delhi will see a time lapse video of India Gate and a user in Mumbai will see one of Marine Drive.

To introduce the BOTN show and its cast, an interactive scroll video was created. Users could use their keyboards or mouse scroll to navigate the video.

The website was received extremely well by Bacardi. The client congratulated us as he informed us that the site received rave reviews from their global team. The site continues to perform well and is evolving with the needs of the brand.

The Website:

The Eristoff Corporate Website Case Study by Webchutney.