The BMW Ultimate Test Drive Surprise

Around the end of 2013, BMW approached Webchutney with the intent of doing an interesting viral video to promote the various financial schemes being offered by its financing and leasing arm, BMW Financial Services.

So we got right to it. I was really enthused about the brief, as I’m a gigantic car nut. So over multiple rounds of ideation and feedback from the client, I came up with a bunch of ideas.

Finally, in one session, I floated the idea of the BMW Surprise Drive, a prank-vertising viral. My seniors were very supportive and asked me to expand on the idea. I wrote out an initial draft and it was sent to the client, who liked it immediately.

Over the course of a few months, I polished and amended the script until it reached an advanced stage. We held meetings with the client and several production houses and finally decided on Off Road Films.

The video was shot in December and released on January 28th, 2014. Till date, the video has garnered more than 190,000 views and is still going strong.

This project was an incredible learning experience. It was a great delight to see something you’ve worked on so hard come to life.

Here’s the video;


MAX Count Your Blessings

Max India wanted to tell its fans that happiness can be both big and small. It wanted to tell its fans that happiness is something to be treasured. To convey to their fans how beautiful life is, we created an innovative and heart-felt video which leveraged the power of Facebook to tell a wonderful story.

The Facebook Connect video was made live in October 2013. It pulled out all the best events and personal information from a user’s timeline and integrated them into the video. Users saw how they were blessed with family and friends, how they had a great time at college and much more. The app was very popular right off the bat and was enjoyed and both fans and others users alike.

I was deeply involved in the conception, copy and execution of the project. This was one of the great examples of how copy, design and servicing can come together to take a project form good to awesome.

Here are a few images from the video.

Max CYB 1



Max CYB 3



Max CYB 4



Max CYB 5

See it for yourself!